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Challenger 50


The Ask

Dodge Challenger is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. Create ​a memorable campaign that celebrates a half-century of the iconic car.

The Answer

The Dodge Challenger and its rebellious tone is one of the few things that stands as a legitimate connector between generations in our "OK Boomer" society.

Pop-Up Museum



Mail mockup v2.png

Since the older generation is generally not on social media in the way the younger generation is, we'll print our posts out and mail them out to Challenger lovers who are already on Dodge's mailing list.

shutterstock_425107399 (1).jpg
Instagram Feed V2.png

The older group from the mailing list will be able to mail back their own pictures, and Dodge will select photos to post on the Dodge Instagram.

Nathan Blakely (Copywriter)
Bella Boss Wade (Art Director)

Brandon Hemsley (Director/DP)

Colton Bryan (Editor)

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