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Intern - R&R Partners

Summer 2017

I was hired as the R&R Partners SLC office summer intern in 2017, right after being admitted into the BYU advertising program. 


Being the only intern in the office, I got to learn all about agency life - helping out on the account team, the creative team, and the production team.  

My roles changed every day, but I loved every bit of it. I got to deliver important things to clients, help out on sets, and eventually I was given a few opportunities in the creative department as a copywriter.

My favorite assignment was to come up with two videos for a local charity, The Queen Center. Their initiatives support the health of the Polynesian community in Utah, a high-risk group for health problems.

The videos were to advertise The Queen Center's annual charity run, the Mana 5K. I did something a little different than their traditional videos, however, and instead focused them on the families who would benefit from the proceeds of the race.

The videos were shared hundreds of times, viewed tens of thousands of times, and the number of signups for the 5K doubled from that of the previous year.

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