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The Ask

Madame Tussauds is often viewed in culture as “kitch” and “touristy.” Create a way to insert Madame Tussauds into culture in a meaningful and impactful way.

The Answer

Madame Tussauds' Faces of Immigration: a pop-up museum that showcases some of America’s most notable and influential people who were also immigrants to the US.

Campaign Kickoff Stunt

In a special campaign kickoff event, Madame Tussauds will host a special outdoor version of the new 'Faces of Immigration' exhibit at the US/Mexico border.

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New Exhibit

In every Madame Tussauds in America, a new 'Faces of Immigration' exhibit will open, showcasing some of America's most famous men and women who are also immigrants.

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Nathan Blakely (Copywriter)
Constanza Ramirez (Art Director)