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United Healthcare

United Healthcare

360 Campaign

The Ask

Millennials feel overwhelmed by the number of options when it comes to health insurance, and are completely uninterested at most of the generic and frankly boring styles of advertising normally produced by most healthcare companies.

The Answer

That’s where United Healthcare comes in. To take care of you, when you need it most.


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:15 Spot

Birthday Present

Happy Birthday! Now that you’re 26, we just have to ask…

Who’s taking care of you?

We created a picture book with several more hilariously horrifying stories. We’ll give these adult children’s books as a birthday present to the children of parents currently under United Healthcare who are turning 26.

When they get the package in the mail, they’ll get a birthday card that explains the book and directs them to, so they can get started.


Stuffed Animals

A large percentage of our target market are young parents. Becoming a first-time parent is a significant time in life where people are more willing to make changes than they are at other points in life.

At hospitals, we will give the children of young parents these cute injured stuffed animals, which will share a toned-down version of this campaign to younger audiences.

But while we give these cute stuffed animals to children of young millennial parents, the parents will notice the tagline, “Who’s taking care of you?” and ask themselves if they have a good enough insurance to keep their young family safe.


Nathan Blakely (Copywriter)
Colin Stuart (Art Director)

Brandon Hemsley (Content Creator)

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